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Irrigation Engineers Ltd.

Welwyn, Pinewood Rd,

High wycombe, HP12 4DD.

Irrigation Consultants – Home

As a professional you want to speak to people who understand you, know what you need and are willing to go the extra mile.

You want to work with people that are innovative and who – like you – are passionate about what they do.

You want to work with people who are happy to share their knowledge. People who are experienced enough to make your job easier. And who can become an integral part of your team.

We provide irrigation design & consulting services to the architectural community throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia. From master planned communities with open spaces, to parks and golf courses; along with sports fields and schools, through to large commercial projects and private residences. We can provide the expertise and experience you need.


Over the last three years Flor Real Lda has engaged Irrigation Engineers Ltd to carry out irrigation design work on our/clients behalf. We have also frequently consulted to them for quick response technical assistance before and during irrigation construction operations. We have found Irrigation Engineers Ltd to be very helpful and knowledgeable and consider their consulting service to be both comprehensive and valuable. Irrigation Engineers Ltd has consulted to Flor Real Lda on commercial…
Garth EitzenContracts Manager (BLArch.Pret.)

Meet the team

At Irrigation Engineers Ltd we are well known for our technical expertise, horticultural knowledge & customer service. Come and meet our team.

I remember the first time I saw a new irrigation system operating. My boss at the time stood there with a grin on his face and said ‘I love this part’. I instantly understood what he meant. It was the smell of water cooling the earth in the hot African sun, the sound of the hissing sprinklers – and the sheer joy of seeing your design come to life.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to design, build and project manage irrigation systems of widely varying scale and complexity, throughout Africa, the Middle East, Indian Ocean Islands, India, Europe and the UK. Throughout, my main focus has been on the challenge of water resource management: how to use less water through innovation and intelligent irrigation design.

John Roy


My work over the past two decades in ‘greening’ desert environments has reinforced my commitment to becoming a global leader in water resource management.

We often refer to living in the ‘Information Age’. But as a landscape professional I can say with absolute certainty that we are in fact living in the ‘Agricultural Age’.

Horticulture is essential to modern life: whether for food or for the simple pleasure provided by a flower. The challenges facing our growing global population are many, and being able to grow more with fewer resources is fundamental to meeting these challenges. This is why I feel a great sense of purpose in advising on the best marriage of plants and water resource management, using intelligent innovative irrigation design, installation and operational management.

Ian Vickers Dalton


I have always been a person who enjoys being outdoors and at one with nature. So it wasn't surprising that in my first job I became a horticulturist growing aquatic plants. It was my ‘dream job’. From wildflower meadows, to reed beds in attenuation ponds, to wetland and river bank stabilisation, I loved the variety and scope of my work.

From this background it was an easy transition to irrigation and water resource management. I now have the opportunity to implement my experience from the past ten years, and apply it to the use of reed bed technology and phytoremediation to clean water to a suitable quality for reuse.

Jacqueline Roy


An evidence based

Intelligent irrigation design goes beyond pipe routing and hydraulic calculations, it requires an in-depth understanding of the plant-soil-water relationship, plant physiology and the site environment.

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We approach every project with a scientific and methodical approach resulting in an intelligent water resource management process. The conservation of water is an integral part of each of our projects.

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Organised and

Due to our varied project experience we are able to bring this professional focus, organisation and problem solving methodology to every project regardless of specification, size or location.

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Meeting our
client’s needs

We believe in building partnerships based on trust and integrity through our commitment to service and quality. We strive to maintain relevance, always learning and moving forward to more innovative irrigation.

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Our mission

“To be professional in all that we do, to save water, to maximise our clients investment as we stick to the budget, to always exceed our client’s expectation and to never compromise on quality.”

Our values

“We believe in building strong relationships and partnerships based on trust and integrity through our commitment to service and quality. We strive to maintain relevance, always learning and moving forward to more sustainable and innovative irrigation.”